Shelf Logic® was founded July of 1995 to provide an easier way for companies to create planograms. By 2000, Shelf Logic® became the world's leading brand of "dedicated" planogram software. We have invented a simpler way to planogram. While the other planogram programs sold by large companies are very complicated and costly, we pioneered the low-end market with easy to use programs starting under $500. Companies can now afford the benefits that planogramming brings to their product line. And even though it's inexpensive, our software is full-featured and has everything you need to quickly create great looking professional planograms. In fact, we have a number of features not even found in the more expensive programs.


Our programs are always being improved and new ones being introduced. We continue our commitment of bringing the benefits of planogramming to a wide range of companies.


We have our corporate headquarters, support and R&D Center in Oxford, Florida.


We are a privately owned company that specializes in planogram software. We serve virtually every packaged goods industry from hardware, housewares, toys, health & beauty, automotive, crafts, and food. Basically if it goes on a retail shelf, we service the industry. Our customers range from retailers to sales reps, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, advertising agencies, packaging and graphic design services. We have fortune 100 customers as well as small independent businesses.


Here's a list of our customers so you can see for yourself the variety of customers we have.


We invite you to call with any questions or concerns you have. Unlike many software companies which can only be contacted by email, we are also available by phone for any questions or tech support issues.