Learning Shelf Logic Enterprise Edition was never quicker or easier. Our video-based Shelf Logic University Training program uses Flash movies to step you through every part of the Shelf Logic Enterprise Edition program. This is not only the fastest way to learn Shelf Logic, but you will learn tips and tricks that will have you creating better looking planograms in the easiest way possible.


This Video Training consists of over 150 lessons, each only a few minutes in length so you are not overwhelmed by too much information.



    Chapter 1. Overview and Features

         Section 1. Using the Training Program

         Section 2. Shelf Logic Main Window

         Section 3. Overview

         Section 4. Hot Buttons



    Chapter 2. Creating Your Product Database

         Section 1. Database Basics

         Section 2. Product Information Screen

              A. General Information

              B. Dimensions Information

              C. Imaging Information

              D. Sales Information

              E. Pricing Information

         Section 3. Importing Your Database

         Section 4. Creating a New Database



    Chapter 3. Photo Images

         Section 1. Adding Images to your Plan

         Section 2. Transparent Backgrounds

         Section 3. Three Sided Images

         Section 4. Image Workshop

              A. Part I

              B. Part II



    Chapter 4. Creating a Plan

         Section 1. Starting a New Planogram

              A. Part I

              B. Part II

         Section 2. Adding Products to Your Plan

              A. Intro

              B. The Product List Selector

              C. The Product Picture Selector - Part I

              D. The Product Picture Selector - Part II

              E. Next Location Feature

              F. The RIP Processor

              G. Working with Pegs

              H. Signage



    Chapter 5. Working with Shelves

         Section 1. Adding Shelves to Your Plan

              A. Part I

              B. Part II

              C. Floating Shelves

         Section 2. Moving Shelves

              A. Part I

              B. Part II - Moving to Other Sections

         Section 3. Duplicating Shelves

         Section 4. Changing Shelves

         Section 5. Shelf Colors

         Section 6. Fixtures

              A. Part I

              B. Part II

              C. Background Fixtures



    Chapter 6. Working with Facings

         Section 1. Selecting Facings

         Section 2. Moving Faces

              A. Moving Faces using the Mouse

              B. Nudging Faces

         Section 3. Duplicating Facings

         Section 4. Cut & Paste Facings

         Section 5. Nesting Products

         Section 6. Product Stacking

         Section 7. Rotating Facings

              A. Flipping & Turning Faces

              B. Rotate Faces to any Angle

         Section 8. Aligning Facings

         Section 9. Location Grouping

         Section 10. Merchandising Styles



    Chapter 7. Placement Aids

         Section 1. The Ruler

              A. Ruler Basics

              B. Measuring with the Ruler

         Section 2. Grid

         Section 3. Guidelines

         Section 4. Scale

         Section 5. Smart Shelf

    Chapter 8. Display Options

         Section 1. Views

         Section 2. Display Options

         Section 3. Manual Formatting

         Section 4. Automatic Formatting

         Section 5. The Toolbar

         Section 6. Notes

             A. Entering Notes

             B. Notes Features



    Chapter 9. Printing Your Plan

         Section 1. Printing Basics

              A. Part I

              B. Part II

         Section 2. Printing Key Numbers

              A. Key Numbers Basics

              B. Combining Key Numbers

              C. Shelf Key Numbering

              D. Section Numbering

              E. Key Numbering Across Sections

              F. Manual Key Numbering

         Section 3. Printing Text in Facings

              A. Printing Text Basics

              B. Printing Text Advanced

         Section 4. Printing to an Image File



    Chapter 10. Reports

         Section 1. Entering Sales Information

         Section 2. Custom Report Writer

              A. Part I

              B. Part II

              C. Part III

              D. Part IV

         Section 3. Mathematic Fields

         Section 4. Report Functions

              A. Intro

              B. Facing Functions - Part I

              C. Facing Functions - Part II

              D. Product Functions - Part I

              E. Product Functions - Part II

              F. Product Sales Functions

              G. Shelf Functions

              H. Section Functions - Part I

              I.   Section Functions - Part II

              J.  Section Functions - Part III

              K. Plan Functions - Part I

              L.  Plan Functions - Part II

         Section 5. Sample Reports



    Chapter 11. Category Management Reports

         Section 1. Identifying Categories

         Section 2. Identifying All Categories

         Section 3. Category Management Reports

         Section 4. Sales Periods



    Chapter 12. Visual Sales Reports

         Section 1. Threshold Analysis Report

         Section 2. Group Analysis Report

         Section 3. Quadrant Analysis Report

         Section 4. General Compare Report

         Section 5. Settings

         Section 6. Sample Reports - Hi Lo Analysis



    Chapter 13. Presentation Manager

         Section 1. Part I

         Section 2. Part II

         Section 3. Part III

         Section 4. Part IV

         Section 5. Paper Sizes



    Chapter 14. Defaults and Preferences

         Section 1. Setting Defaults

         Section 2. Preferences

              A. Part I

              B. Part II


You can learn at your own pace in small stages or go through several lessons at a time. You can pause, fast forward or rewind, and play each lesson over and over. The training program is yours to keep, and one copy can be used by everyone in your company. When new employees are hired, the training is there to get them up to speed quickly.


The training program comes with FREE UPDATES for the life of the product. When the Enterprise Edition is upgraded, the training program is also updated. These updates are free to you and can be downloaded from our website. If you are taking lessons directly from our website, they will be automatically updated.


Our Shelf Logic University Training Program is actually two training programs in one. You can run it from our web site and/or download the training program onto your hard drive and run it from there. Running it on our website lets you review lessons when you're on the road or away from your office computer.


Here's a sample lesson, "Adding Items to your Plan" so you can see for yourself how easy it is to learn.

(You'll see a control Bar in the upper right of the lesson screen. It lets you pause, rewind, etc.)

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