•  How do I get photo images into Shelf Logic?

    You don't need to import images. On the Item Maintenance window, you simply enter the path and image name and Shelf Logic uses it for the plan. You can store images on CD's, network drives, etc. Each image can come from a different location if desired.

  •  How do I get 3 sided imaging?

    Take a photo of each side. For the front side, remove the ".jpg" (or whichever format you're using) and replace it with ".1". The side position gets an extension of ".2" and the top view an extension of ".3". When you specify the photo image in Item Maintenance, specify the photo with the ".1" extension. The program automatically looks for an images ending with ".2" and ".3" when the item is flipped on its side or top.

  •  Why are my photo images not displaying on the plan?

    Make sure the photo display is turned on. Go to the View menu and make sure that the "Show Photos" menu selection is checked.

  •  Why are my photo images not showing when the plan is printed?

    When printing, make sure you indicate to print photo images, not Line Art.

  •  Why is my photo not displaying?

    Try browsing for the photo in Item Maintenance. Of it appears in the window at the top of the Item Maintenance Shelf Logic supports JPG photos in RGB format only, not in CMYK format. You can open the photo in Photoshop and see which mode is being used, and you can convert to an RGB format.

  •  Why does my photo look black on the computer screen?

    Your photo might be too large. We recommend a maximum size of 400 pixels. The photo size should be 50k or less. If too many large photos are used on the plan, you may run short of memory and some photos won't display.

  •  Why is a transparent background not displaying as transparent?

    If your image is saved as a jpg, the colors are compressed and the transparent color you choose may have been changed to another color. Shelf expecting the color you indicated, not the new color that it was changed to in your photo.


  • When the program starts, why do I get a message telling me the database cannot be found?

    The default database could not be found. Go to the View menu and select "Preferences". Click on the "Database" tab and enter or browse for the database you want to use when the program starts.

  • When I open a plan, why do I get a message telling me the database cannot be found?

    The database used to create the plan has been moved. Either move it back or open up the .PNM plan file in Notepad. If your plan is called "4x5POG", then open the "4x5POG.PNM" file. You will see the path and database name inside the .PNM file. Change this to the new database name  and location.

  • When I start a new plan, why can't I see my items in the item listbox on the right?

    The item listbox can display 5 different database fields. Perhaps the listbox is displaying a field that is blank. Right click on the item listbox and select UPC Code. You should then see the list of products.


  • How can I make it so I don't see any text printed in my product boxes?

    When you select the print command and the Print Window displays, uncheck the "Print Item Text" checkbox at the bottom of the window.


  • Why is there an exclamation point on my item?

    This indicates that the item information in the database has changed since the plan was created. For example, the size of the item may have changed in the database but displays on the plan with the old dimensions.


    To fix this, select and highlight the item or items with the exclamation point and select the Item menu, then choose "Update from Database".

  • Why is there an "X" on my item?

    This indicates that the item is missing from the database and has been deleted since the plan was created. If you double-click on the item, you will get an error message that gives you the UPC Code of the missing item.

  • Why can't I make my shelf height 7.5 inches high?

    This is probably because your Vertical Notch Spacing is set to 1 inch. This means that since a shelf can only go where a notch is available, which is every inch, the distance between one shelf and another can only be in increments of 1 inch. So the shelf height can be 7 or 8 inches, not 7.5 inches.


    If you set the Vertical Notch Spacing at 2.5 inches, then you can have a shelf height of 7.5 inches, which is an increment of 2.5 inches.