We have selected three companies that have been using Shelf Logic for over a year and asked them for their reactions and the results they experienced with our software.


All three case studies reported the software was so easy to use they were able to begin producing planograms right away. Two of the companies reported that one of the major factors in their purchase decision was the ability for them to take their own digital product photos rather than a costly outsourcing of them.




With over 8,000 products and 200 employees, Ultra is one of the nation's largest hardware suppliers. They are both an importer and manufacturer of residential and commercial hardware.


Ultra Hardware uses Shelf Logic to stay ahead of the competition. It's used on a daily basis to produce all of their planograms that display their product line.


"We find the software to be very user-friendly, and with Shelf Logic, we have been able to sell to customers previously unattainable. It's a highly important part of our business."  - Dan Eachus, Ultra Hardware


They purchased Shelf Logic because of its low price and ease of use and have been using it since 2002.



Case Logic is the world's leading manufacturer of cut-and-sew products. Their products include a wide range of CD cases, iPod and camera cases and they offer the most complete selection of storage accessories in the industry.


They use Shelf Logic to create and manage planograms for their product line. The planograms are used worldwide for retail placement and resets.


"[Shelf Logic] planogram software is essential to the success of landing product placement at retail as well as merchandising in conference rooms and at trade show conventions." - Erin O'Reilly, Case Logic


Case Logic purchased 10 copies of Shelf Logic and has been using it since 2003.



Founded in 1890, Lane Ltd. is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of premium tobacco products such as Dunhill, Captain Black, Bugler and many more. Now a subsidiary of Reynolds American, Inc., Lane has an immense customer base of grocery, drug and convenience stores. They have been planogramming for many years using a service bureau. This was not only expensive but changes took a long time to produce and reduced Lane's responsiveness to their customers.


They looked around for a simple, easy to use planogram program and found Shelf Logic. After thorough testing, they purchased over 25 copies of Shelf Logic at the start of 2005 and began to use it for all of their planograms. Not only were changes available immediately but their planograms looked better. And they liked the reporting capabilities available in Shelf Logic.


"[Shelf Logic has been] Integral to the presentation of our products to our customers and clients. It's been successful for our company in a short amount of time." - Organization Development Manager, Lane Limited


They have reported that by using Shelf Logic they were able to place and sell more products.


Lane Ltd was recently bought by Conwood Sales Co. LLC